Jiri Kollert – pianist

portrait of Eduard Kollert
portrait of Eduard Kollert

Eduard Kollert violin, piano

born in october 2002

Eduard was born in musicians’ family – both parents are pianists. He decided himself to play violin and piano after hearing a performance of maestro Josef Suk with his father. Becoming 7 he started to learn violin playing at Elementary Music School of Prague, the same time he began to learn piano with his parents. In his 9 years he met Professor Zakhar Bron in Madrid and since then he has become his student.

He has been developing rapidly and already after two years of playing number of festivals and orchestras started to invite him for performances in Czech Republic as well as abroad. In February 2012 at his 9 years he performed Bach’s Violin concerto and Beethoven Piano concerto at one concert with Prague Philharmonia under baton of Leoš Svárovský. Few months later he was invited by Spanish royal family to play at a special recital in Palacio del Pardo in Madrid. In autumn 2012 he performed Mozart Violin Concerto No.3 and other pieces as violin and piano soloist with The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice. One year later at his 10 years he performed Bruch’s violin concerto at concert hall of Prague Symphonic Orchestra and was invited to perform at the opening recital of summer masterclass playing Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto No. 2 and Chopin’s Scherzo No. 1 for piano. In February 2014 he performed Bruch’s violin concerto with Prague Philharmonia under Leoš Svárovský. A little later he played Sarasate Introduction and Tarantella with The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice.

Recently he was invited several times to Czech radio classical music programs presenting both young and professional artists.

Eduard is also 1st prize winner and laureate of several international competitions.

Currently, Eduard studies with professor Zakhar Bron in Meisterklasse at the Bron Academy.

Eduard uses a bow made by master bow maker Luboš Odlas.

Main appearances

The Russian National Orchestra, Ayyub Guliyev, Tchaikovsky Hall Moscow, Russia 7.12.2015

            Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole

Prague Philharmonia, Leoš Svárovský  5.2.2014

            Bruch: Violin Concerto g minor

The Interlaken Classics, Interlaken, Switzerland 9.4.2013

            Wieniawski: Scherzo-Tarantelle

The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Marko Ivanovič 11.11.2012

            Saint-Saens: Le carnaval des animaux                             piano

            Kreisler: Prélude et allegro dans le style de Pugnani       violin

The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Marko Ivanovič 22.10.2012

            Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 3 G-major KV 216, cadenza Sam Franko

Concert for Spanish Royal Family in Palacio del Pardo, Madrid, Spain 14.6.2012

            violin - Bach, Dvořák

            piano - Mozart, Chopin

Prague Philharmonia, Leoš Svárovský     Talent 2012

            Bach: Violin Concerto a minor

            Beethoven: Piano Concerto B flat - major