Jiri Kollert – pianist

Hudební rozhledy (Music Review) - recital at Dvorak Hall of Rudolfinum

Jiri Kollert at Rudolfinum

a mature personality with individual view on performed music. I am sure that this young artist is at dawn of outstanding world career.

The technical brilliancy is evident for artist of his level. Kollert is very lively pianist, his explosive temperament take turns with deep lyric immersion into composition. Thanks to it his play is all the time attractive and the interpretation is absolutely persuasive.

Kollert played very colorful, immersed into work; he made feel audience absolute consonancy with each fraze, with each tone he played. I have never heard more captivating and expressive interpretation...

...It was breathtaking...we went through a really extraordinary evening.

Petr Pokorný

Hudební rozhledy (Music Review) - recital at Prague Spring festival

Prague Spring festival

Charismatic pianist. Artist has smooth and clear technique. Everything is elegant, smooth with refined sense for style and poetics of interpreted work.

Ivan Ruml

Hudební život (Music Life) - Concert with Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Kollerts performance was the highlight of season. …Kollert toyed with Prokofiev’s concerto, he enjoyed each moment and made me enjoy it either. It was real musical joy; pure, genuine, invigorating delight. I desire to experience such moments more often…

Igor Javorský